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What is MusicDesk?

MusicDesk is a professional music network for professional musicians. MusicDesk intends to give the possibility professional musicians to share their musical productions, be they research or performance, with professionals from all over the world.

Why MusicDesk?

MusicDesk was born to allow all those who work in the music field to share their research and production, knowing they have an audience of selected people from the sector to always allow an adequate cultural level in the proposals and conversations. More than that, MusicDesk is born to give to researchers of all over the world, also to them who does have not accessibility to the already established musical reviews and newspapers, to share their own works without filters. Unlike existing social networks, in which everyone can conduct conversations regardless of their specific competence, MusicDesk is aimed exclusively at professionals in the music world. MusicDesk is the first musical platform run by professionals and dedicated to professionals. 

Who can use MsuicDesk?

The reading of the published contents is allowed to everyone. The publication of one's own research and productions as well as the participation in blogs is instead allowed only to registered professionals, in order to allow the conduct of communications of high cultural and scientific level. MusicDesk reserves the right, if necessary, to moderate the Blogs, to always guarantee the achievement of a high cultural and scientific target.

What kind of production may I share?

MusicDesk offers the possibility to share any kind of musical content, be it research or execution. In the case of productions subject to copyright, the user who publishes content is responsible for possessing the requirements necessary for publication. Otherwise the user can also publish parts of research or publications or simply notices in order to be able to postpone reading or listening to the venues due via external links.

MusicDesk is currently in the preliminary stage. If there were to be incorrect operations, please let us know. We are developing version 2 on the basis of the experiences gathered. Thank you for helping us in the development!