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Hypersounds Event VIII



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Event VIII - Young International Composers


March 26th 2021, 10.00pm (UTC+1)


Works by


Kittiphan Janbuala


Lena Meinhardt


Lorenz Lehmann


Izzy Jay


Bengisu Önder




Artistic direction: Marco Bidin


Kittiphan Janbuala - Daisies and Fish


Daisies and Fish is an audiovisual work project based on image sonification. The composed image (Daisies and Fish) was realized in Jitter (Cycling’74) and edited in photoshop. The image design is employed as the input source material for the sound generative process (sonification) and visualization purposes. Sonification techniques, the use of non-speech data for auditory purposes are used by extract the color data of the location of the image then translate them into sound through Audification, a direct translation of data, and Parameter Mapping Sonification, translation of data into musical properties such as melodic lines, dynamics, panning, etc. The piece introduces 18 scanning parts. All real-time processes are realized in Max. 


Lena Meinhardt - places01


Stuttgart main station 2019 / 2020

field, train, announcement recordings

frequency modulations

tune: math.pow((3:2), (1:16))


Lorenz Lehmann - Pole einer Einheit


Die Worte einer Phrase. In den Raum gestellt. Pole einer Einheit.

Vocals: Karera Fujita


Izzy Jay - For 20 day’s


I wrote this song during a thoughtful period of my life. I was staying at home and was watching some series. One of them was the Cartoon „The Amazing World Of Gumball" , which I used for this song. I took the vocals from Gumballs song  „I Wanna Be Free" and composed the rest of this song by myself.


Bengisu Önder - In depth of a dream


Our mind, thoughts, desires, wishes, dreams, ourselves

and reality…


In this piece, I aim to musically create and present two levels, dimensions of a mind's existence (in the piece soprano's mind, as the main character): consciousness and subconscious. Consciousness is represented by the musicians. However, we notice that it has its own multilayered structure. Soprano's character is split into five different personalities (also can be understood as five different states of a personality), distinguished by distinct singing techniques. These diversities are supported in other instruments with the communication between more effect like or/and melody like playing variations. On the other hand, electronics represent subconscious. Sometimes dark, sometimes coming with a mocking attitude, making fun of its own sister, consciousness. During the piece, we listen to the conversation of this strange relationship between two sides and we listen to them combined as a person, soprano, and how she questions existence, of the reality, of herself.


Inspired by A dream within a dream, by E.A.Poe