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Hypersounds Event III



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Event III – Acous[ma]tics


December 18 2020, 10.00pm (UTC+1)




Marco Visconti-Prasca


for Trombone and Percussions

Barrie Webb, Trombone

Damien Harron, Percussions

(Live recording)


Eduardo Valiente


for amplified Piano

Mikhaïl Bouzine, Piano

(Live recording)


Wanying Lin


for Organ and Electronics

Wanying Lin, Organ

Marco Bidin, Assistance

(Live recording)

courtesy of ALEA Associazione Laboratorio Espressioni Artistiche


Marco Bidin

Ricercare II

for Saxophone and Electronics

Zhe Wang, Saxophone

Marco Bidin, Electronics

(Live recording)


Eveline Vervliet

Het Niemandsland

for Electronics


Artistic Direction: Marco Bidin


Marco Visconti-Prasca - 'tROMbeONE'

Marco Visconti-Prasca - 'tROMbeONE' (2006) – for trombone and percussions (one player) had been written for and dedicated to the 'Black Hair Ensemble' who commissioned it and gave the first performance, with Barrie Webb (trombone) and Damien Harron (percussions), in York (U.K.) in June 2006 during the 'Late Music Festival'. 

It had been recorded live by the two dedicatees at the 'D406 Art Gallery' in Modena (Italy) one year later.

The idea to provide a percussive companion to a quasi solo trombone part was integral during the process of envisioning this piece.

Every specific gesture of the trombone determines a change in the percussion instrument that shadows and interacts with it.

Both instrumentalists share that sort of mantra which is sung throughout the piece.


Eduardo Valiente - Esperit

Esperit, for solo piano with amplification, is conceived as the second movement of a three-part cycle. The entire work consists of an ostinato, which marks an additive meter and from which various resonances are derived. By using the sostenuto, vibrations that are in

contrast to the accents in the foreground are released. The basic idea is to deepen this struggle between the tempered sound of the piano keyboard and the microtonality of the strings. The entire melodic-harmonic material is based on Ravel quotes.


Marco Bidin - Ricercare II

Composed in Stuttgart, winter/spring 2016, this work is freely inspired by the travels of Marco Polo (1254 - 1324).

The ancient text spoken in the tape is written by Tang Yanqian, born in 848, well-known poet in Tang dynasty of China. It is a poem that describes a rose and the feelings that arise by observing it.








The modern text is from (Gai Yao), a "Rose" poet, sax performer and music teacher from Tsingdao, China.









If one day,

I have to say goodbye and leave with the sunset.

there must be you all through my thoughts,

If each tide has its memory,

It will admire how sweet and

close our hearts used to be.


Ricercare II is composed for Zhe Wang. A special thanks to Siyu Liang for reciting the poem.


Wanying Lin – Monolog

Monolog is a piece for electronic music with organ.

As an experimental work, I use the system of Syncretism to cut the sound into different shapes, disrupt it and recombine it with the sound of the pipe organ.

This process emancipates the instrument from traditional music conventions and further explores the sound potential of the pipe organ.


Eveline Vervliet - Het Niemandsland

Wind waait door

naakte boomtoppen

Adem beweegt door

vertakte longen

Gedachten stromen

door ons brein


Onderhuids verstrengelen onze wortels

Zo dwalen we met de ander door

Gemeenschappelijke onderbewuste ruimtes

Een soort niemandsland tussen jou en mij


Wind blows through

naked treetops

Breath moves through

branched lungs

Thoughts flow

through our brain


Under the skin, our roots intertwine

So we wander with the other through

Mutual subconscious spaces

A No-Man’s Land between you and me



Marco Visconti-Prasca

Marco Visconti-Prasca (Milan, Italy 1957) is an Italian composer and saxophone player whose musical language is the byproduct of influences from both jazz and “contemporary-classical” practices. His works have been performed by notable soloists and ensembles such as Rohan de Saram, Angelica Cathariou, John McDonald, Anna Maria Morini, David Liebman, Michael Finnissy, the “Orchestra Sinfonica G. Verdi” and the “Brave New Works Ensemble”. As an improviser he collaborates with Jamaaladeen Tacuma.

“Marco Visconti-Prasca’s [music]… energetically discoursed in a vocabulary that, while hinting at both cafè jazz and Messiaen-like refraction, was idiosyncratically original.”

Matthew Guerrieri on the “Boston Globe” (June 25th 2007).


Eduardo Valiente

Eduardo Valiente is a composer and pianist born in Toledo in 1992, he is currently member of the Marco Stroppa's composition class at the Staatliche Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst of Stuttgart, where he continues his master studies. His main mentors in the field of composition have been figures such as José María Sánchez-Verdú, Carlo Forlivesi, Édith Canat de Chizy or Ramon Humet. His works have been performed by ensembles like BCN216 and conducted by Nacho de Paz and Francesc Prat. As a pianist, he specialized in the

contemporary music repertoire guided by Nicolas Hodges.


Wanying Lin

Wanying Lin was born in 1995 in China. After completing the Bachelor in Organ at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music, she continued her studies as a performing artist, as well as a church musician, at the State University of Music and Performing Arts Stuttgart, Germany, under the guidance of Prof. Dr Ludger Lohmann. In 2020 she started her Erasmus studies in Toulouse, France with Prof. Michael Bouvard and Yves Rechsteriner.

Wanying was twice a winner of the Infei International Organ Competition in China. In 2017 she made her debut as a composer performing the premiere of her work for organ and electronics in Savorgnano, Italy. As a performer, she held concerts as a soloist and in ensembles in Germany, China, Italy and Spain.


Marco Bidin

Marco Bidin is a composer, organist and harpsichord player.

He completed the Composition and Computer Music studies at the HMDK Stuttgart. He also studied Organ, Early Music Performance, and Contemporary Music Performance.

He has been invited to hold masterclasses and conferences at institutions such as IRCAM (Paris), Lisboa INCOMUM (Portugal), Pai Chai University (South Korea), Silpakorn University (Thailand), Shanghai Conservatory (China) among others.

Marco Bidin is the Artistic Director of the cultural association ALEA. He performed as a soloist in major international festivals, and his compositions have been premiered in Europe, Asia and Canada.


Eveline Vervliet

Composer Eveline Vervliet is looking for new ways to connect music and art with contemporary developments like technological innovations and the climate crisis. For example, she makes sound art with waste and she immerses herself in the artistic possibilities of artificial intelligence. Her current topic of exploration is interactivity in all its possible ways. As a musician, she regularly performs live electronics in new music.


Currently, Eveline studies composition with Anthony Fiumara at the AMPA in Tilburg (NL). In spring 2020, she did an exchange with the HMDK in Stuttgart (DE), with Martin Schüttler as her main teacher.