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Hypersounds Event II



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Event II - Audiovisual Art


Cooperative artistic creations

by Nataliya Gurevich and Marco Bidin


December 4 2020, 10.00pm (UTC+1)



1 - Mutazioni

2 - Lontananze Fragili

3 - Studio Sincretico II


Artistic Direction: Marco Bidin


Mutazioni (2014)

"Mutazioni", Italian for "aliquot stops", are organ registers that produce an overtone of a given note. "Mutazioni" is also to be understood as a process of change, transforming something into something new.

In this work, wind noises and sounds are explored as the sound dimensions of the organ: the electronics present and change them and envelop the listeners, who will find themselves immersed in a virtual space with the "mutated" organ.

The video offers a dramatic and sometimes abstract and surreal visual dimension through an interpretation of the sound experience with images and colours.


Lontananze Fragili (2015)




kaze fukunu

kitsutsuki no koe

uchi kaeru

The wind does not blow

(I hear ) the voice of the woodpecker

coming back home


(Original Haiku by Marco Bidin)

synthesized with OMChroma


Studio Sincretico II (2017)


Marco Bidin's “Studi Sincretici” are a cycle of works for electronics with or without acoustic instruments.

The title is inspired by the concept of Syncretism (combining and / or mixing different elements and beliefs) and at the same time the "syncretic perception" of external reality in the psychology of children.

The electronics are realized by parts originally composed for other tracks, but not yet used, or only partially used. These clips were then decontextualized, reinterpreted and placed in the context of a new musical creation.



Nataliya Gurevich

Born in Samarkand (Uzbekistan).

1996-2003 studies at the State Conservatory in Tashkent (Uzbekistan) with a Master degree in Piano Performance.

2000-2005 lecturer at the State Music School, Tashkent.

2005 moved to Germany. 2007-2014 studies and degree in Fine Arts (painting, photography, film) at the State Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart with Prof. Peter Chevalier, Michael Bouchet, Christian Jankowski.

Since 2014 freelance painter and filmmaker, with exhibitions and film projects in Germany and abroad.

Marco Bidin

Marco Bidin is a composer, organist and harpsichord player.

He completed the Composition and Computer Music studies at the HMDK Stuttgart. He also studied Organ, Early Music Performance, and Contemporary Music Performance.

He has been invited to hold masterclasses and conferences at institutions such as IRCAM (Paris), Lisboa INCOMUM (Portugal), Pai Chai University (South Korea), Silpakorn University (Thailand), Shanghai Conservatory (China) among others.

Marco Bidin is the Artistic Director of the cultural association ALEA. He performed as a soloist in major international festivals, and his compositions have been premiered in Europe, Asia and Canada.