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Hypersounds Event I



Event I - Electroacustic Works


20 November 2020




01 - 0’00’’

Daniel Quaranta, Residual I


02 - 7’20’’

Di Zhao, Remaining Voices in the Empty Valley, Pt. 1《空谷残声》


03 - 13’10’’

Lorenz Lehmann. Elektronische Studie („Wenn du auslöschst Sinn und Ton… “)


04 - 18’50’’

Lena Mainhard, Rosa stellata Coroa des flores V (花冠 [花冠] huaguan)


05 - 25’23’’

Brandon Lincoln Snyder, Milk Bubbles


06 - 29’30’’

Laima Priedite, Synthetic Surroundings


07 - 34’50’’

Marco Bidin, Studio Sincretico II


Artistic Direction: Marco Bidin

Residual I


It is part of a series in which I have decided to use materials that we usually discard: small pieces of sound, errors, hums, conjunctions. All the processing consisted of a delicate process of reconstruction, merging these "deconstructions" into something that could be organic and with an organized sound syntax.


Daniel Quaranta


Composer. Graduated with a Bachelor in Composition from the Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro (UNIRIO, 2004); graduated from the Universidad del Salvador (Buenos Aires, 1991); Master's degree in Music from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ, 2002); and Doctorate in Music from the Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro (UNIRIO, 2007). Post-Doctorate in Centro Mexicano para la Música y las Artes Sonoras, (CMMAS, 2014-15), Post-Doctorate fellowship from the Federal Ministry of Education of Brazil. Daniel Quaranta is currently professor at the Graduate Program in Music at the Federal University of Juiz de Fora (UFJF) in Brazil and at Federal University of State of Rio de Janeiro (UNIRIO) in the post-graduate program. His work is mainly focusing on: musical composition, music theory, contemporary and electroacoustic music.


Remaining Voices in the Empty Valley, Pt. 1《空谷残声》



Wind brings a message to me

Beyond the valley

Nobody looses its arm

Nobody opens its mouth

But still, there are voices remaining

And then

Inside the darkness

Leisurely, the collapsed valley

Is at a loss


I am strumming my Guqin, whistling away


Deep woods that no one knows

Where a bright moon comes to shine on me



Di Zhao studies Master of Composition at the HMDK Stuttgart


„Wenn du auslöschst Sinn und Ton… “


This piece is a study about a Kōan from a Zen master of the 11th century, and is often meditated by monks at Japanese Zen monasteries in order to be resolved. The mantra is sometimes meditated for several years, until the meditator finds enlightenment. I took the mantra spoken by a male voice from the famous radio transmission "The world is sound - Nada Brahma" by Joachim-Ernst Berendt, and tried to find a compositional relationship to that kind of meditation. The only sound material that is audible, is the spoken mantra which is stretched, shifted, and granulated with C-Sound QT.


Lorenz Lehmann (Stuttgart, *1997)


After Highschool, he discovered the modern music and had his first compositional lessons from Marco Bidin and Johannes X. Schachtner. Since 2017 he studies composition in the class of Prof. Marco Stroppa at the University of Music and Performing Arts Stuttgart, where he continued his work in instrumental composition but also in electronic and computer aided composition. 2019 he continued his studies for one year with the guest professor Carlo Forlivesi. In March 2020 he presented his work with Sound Synthesis in the IRCAM Forum.


Rosa stellata Coroa des flores V (花冠 [花冠] huaguan)


The Infinity

This solitary hill has always been dear to me

And this hedge, which prevents me from seeing most of the endless horizon.

But when I sit and gaze, I imagine, in my thoughts,

Endless spaces beyond the hedge,

an all encompassing silence and a deeply profound quiet,

To the point that my heart is quite overwhelmed.

And when I hear the wind rustling through the trees

I compare its voice to the infinite silence.

And eternity occurs to me, and all the ages past,

And the present time, and its sound.

Amidst this immensity my thought drowns:

And to flounder in this sea is sweet to me


original: Giacomo Leopardi / american english native speaker: Michael Walorski


Lena Meinhardt


1991 born in Stuttgart; 2010-13 education as architectural draughtsman; 2012-16 activities as dj in various clubs and act; since 2016 guest auditor State University of Music and the Performing Arts Stuttgart; since 2018 private lessons with Piet Johan Meyer in computer music; october 2019 finalist Luigi Nono Award, International Composition Competition Forme Uniche di continuità nello spazio 2019; since 2019 studies of audiovisual media (sound engineer) hdm Stuttgart


Milk Bubbles


Frothy milk bubbles, best made by blowing through a straw.

Made using the OpenMusic library OM-Chant.


Brandon Lincoln Snyder is a composer based in Stuttgart. His work experiments with routine, ritual, and liturgy, sometimes dealing with themes of spirituality and religious organization. He studies with Martin Schüttler at the Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Stuttgart, and previously studied with Chaya Czernowin and Steven Kazuo Takasugi at Harvard University.


Synthetic Surroundings


The idea of the work Synthetic Surroundings is based on a field recording of a train station. Then the recording is abstractly rebuild with the tools of OM Chroma, OM Chant and Csound. It distorts the natural surroundings and explores distortion of perception like experienced in hallucination. It enhances the artifacts and noises which are usually in the background of perception.


Laima Priedite studies Bachelor of composition at the HMDK Stuttgart


Studio Sincretico II


Studio Sincretico II is inspired by the concept of Syncretism (combining and/or blending different elements and beliefs) and at the same time by the perception syncrétique (global perception of the external reality as a whole in the psychology of the children).


Marco Bidin is a composer, organist and harpsichordist. Graduated in Udine, he deepened his studies in organ and Early Music at the MH Trossingen. Later, he specialized in Contemporary Music, Composition and Electronic Music in Stuttgart with Marco Stroppa and others. He performed as a soloist in major international festivals and his compositions have been premiered in Europe, Asia and Canada. He realized recordings for Taukay, Vatican Radio and other labels. As a lecturer and researcher, he has been invited to hold masterclasses and conferences at institutions such as IRCAM (Paris), Pai Chai University (South Korea), Silpakorn University (Thailand), Shanghai Conservatory (China).