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Hypersounds Event IX



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Event IX 

Composers and Performers

from the National Art University

Buenos Aires, Argentina


April 23rd 2021, 10.00pm (UTC+2)



Works by


Fernando Maglia


Pablo M. Freiburg


Pablo Franchelli


Diego Andrés Moreno




Artistic direction: Marco Bidin


In cooperation with:



Fernando Maglia - ... hendir esa sombra


In short, the work "... hendir esa sombra" is commissioned by the Damus Electroacoustic Ensemble (UNA Universidad, Buenos Aires), created and directed by the composer Pablo Freiberg.

The electroacoustic material comes from the fusion of various sound sources (acoustic and electronic) designed by the undersigned and made by the 19 members of the ensemble in charge of 8 computers working in real time.

The words of the texts were freely chosen from texts by the Argentine writer Macedonio Fernández.


Pablo M. Freiberg - Bioelectroacústica: Música Residual


Dedicated to Marcelo Delgado and the "Compañía Oblicua", "Bioelectroacústica: Música Residual" (2015) is a work inspired by the concept of recycling and reuse of materials, which operates from the resignification of those sound gestures considered secondary or peripheral in the traditional musical discourse.

It can then be observed how those elements inherent to the acoustic environment (resonances, reverberation, echoes, spatialization), the ornaments (vibratos, trills, tremolos), the small deviations of human interpretation (tiny portamentos before the change of pitch, minimal pitch irregularities in vibratos, small rhythmic differences in tremolos) and the peripheral sounds implicit in the nature of each instrument (bow noise, sound of keys, sound of air) are moulded, reconfigured and reused; to reposition themselves in the category of generators and propellants of discourse.


Pablo Franchelli -  Nos esparcimos en el viento


Fleeting sounds and aggressive sounds. Lyrical or distant melodies. Transfigured sounds.

Appealing to the extensive palette of instrumental resources offered by the oboe, the work seeks to create a musical discourse where expression, instrumental skill and beauty found in the unconventional sounds of the instrument are present.

Oboe solo: David Bortolus


Diego Andrés Moreno - Soulèvement


Soulèvement is uprising, to rebel against an established order, a set of dogmas, imposed "truths", or a tradition.

Piece for piano and four groups or interpreters with computers for real-time interpretation of written electroacoustic music.

The work received the first prize in the Juan Carlos Paz contest (2018) in the category "solo instrument or voice (with or without electroacoustics)".


Fernando Maglia


Fernando Maglia is a multifaceted musician. Composer, guitarist, lecturer , and improviser, his work includes chamber music, opera, symphonic music and electronics. Their sources are sunk into the Latin American ethnic music, European early music  and African chants. His eclecticism explores the boundaries of silence and noise, the poetry and drama.


Fernando Maglia is currently professor for Composition at the Universidad Nacional de las Artes of Buenos Aires. He was awarded in Austria, Poland, Venezuela and Argentina.


Pablo M. Freiberg (*1974, Buenos Aires)


Pablo M. Freiberg studied at the Universidad Nacional de las Artes (UNA) from Argentina, where he obtained the Music Professor Degree (guitar), the Musical Arts Degree (composition), and the College Professor Degree. Currently, he is waiting to defend his doctorate thesis at the UNA.

Freiberg's music won awards and received distinctions in different countries such as Argentina, Italy, Cuba and Belgium.

Finally, Freiberg is the founder of the Electroacoustic Ensemble (2014) and the Psychoacoustics and Psychology of music laboratory (2019), in the Department of Music and Sound Arts (UNA).


Pablo Franchelli (*1989, Buenos Aires)


Pablo Franchelli studied composition with Fernando Maglia at National Arts University (Argentina). He has written works for solo instruments, diverse ensembles and orchestra.

During 2019, he has received the "Juan Carlos Paz Award” from the National Arts Fund of Argentina for his orchestral work “La infinidad de un instante”, as well as being one of the two winners of the “IX Micro-jornadas de composición y música contemporánea” for his cello work “A blurred Landscape”.


Diego Andrés Moreno (*1987, Mar del Plata)


Diego Andrés Moreno is an Argentine composer located in Buenos Aires, where he studied for a degree at the National University of the Arts with Fernando Maglia. He complemented his training with subjects from the electroacoustic media career, among which his participation in the DAMus Electroacoustic Ensemble, founded in 2014 by Pablo Freiberg, stands out.

In addition to receiving scholarships for training and academic encouragement from his study house, his works were performed in various auditoriums in the city of Buenos Aires, received mentions and the first prize in the Juan Carlos Paz contest of the FNA.