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Event VII

Matthias Schneider-Hollek



March 5th, 2021, 10.00pm (UTC+1)



Matthias Schneider-Hollek


Flute and composition studies (focus: electronic music) in Stuttgart.

Early aversion to a career as a concert hall composer/fascination with intermedial projects

Refrains from the usual enumeration of works, prizes, ...

prefers to write:

Film music for ARD/ARTE/SWR/MDR, etc.

Music for theatre and dance:

Schauspielhaus Düsseldorf / Schauspiel Frankfurt / Nationaltheater Mannheim

Pushkin Theatre in St. Petersburg, CIS / Marilyn-Monroe-Theatre Los Angeles / Ballet Nuremberg

installations / performances in an intermedial context

- internationally renowned specialist for sound design and live electronics

- CDs and until 2005 also commercial productions for/from large and/or small audiences

- Concerts / teaching / workshops a.o. in:

University of Natal, Durban, South Africa / Music Academy Basel / Music Academy Perm, Russian Federation / Gobi Summer Academy, -roaring hooves - Mongolia / Art Academy Stuttgart / University Greifswald / Music Academy Stuttgart 

Live and studio projects including durban poison IV, elektronminibarklingelton, Donnerstagskartell,

New York Lounge (with Gregor Hübner), Elektrosophia