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Event XII

[HaV1] by ensamble f(r)actura

September 24th 2021, 10.00pm (UTC+2)

Felipe Medina
Asilo en el solar

Andrés González
Claustrofonía 2

César Bernal

Enrique Schadenberg Balbontín
Día 175

Constanza García
El abismo también mira dentro de ti

Andrés González and Enrique Schadenberg Balbontín
f(r) - IV

Artistic direction: Marco Bidin

HaV1, produced by Sello Modular and Rata Sorda Rec, is an album that brings together 5 pieces that were worked on the basis of a sound bank, recorded remotely by the members of ensemble f(r)actura, during the period of confinement in Chile.
It contains instrumental sounds, sound objects, landscapes and everyday sounds recorded with the device that each person had at hand.
Asilo en el Solar is the work that Felipe Medina presents in this project, who also participates as an electric guitarist of the ensemble.
Mastering: Sebastián Tapia Art and Design: Renée Rodo Iunissi 

The video was made with the patch called GlitchFace, Max/MSP patch created by Chris Vik.

To access the full disc you can visit:


Felipe Medina
Felipe Medina is a musician, producer and teacher in the field of music. Born in 1986 in Valparaíso, he has participated both as an instrumentalist in the field of free improvisation, rock, contemporary and experimental in bands and ensembles such as: Cola de zorro, ensamble f®actura, Planeta Minimal, Colectivo Eunk, Umbria en Kalatate, among other.


Andrés González
Andrés González is a composer, guitar player and philosopher.
Master of Music at the University for Music and Performing Arts of Stuttgart, Germany. He has performed concerts in various parts of Chile and Europe. As a composer he has premiered his works on important stages in Chile, Argentina, Germany, Spain and France.
His works have been published under the SVR label, the Pueblo Nuevo Netlabel, Sello Modular and independent productions. Since 2015 he is a teacher at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso.
He is founder and Director of the Estudio Modular de Música Actual and Artistic Director of the ensemble f®actura.



César Bernal
César Bernal is a composer and double bass player from Valparaíso, Chile.

His work is related to contemporary music, experimental music, free improvisation and interdisciplinary art. Currently works
with f(r)actura ensamble, Dúo YonX, Dúo Scelsi, Cola de Zorro and Sello Modular.
He has performed in Chile, Argentina, Perú, Brazil, France, Spain and Germany.


Enrique Schadenberg Balbontín
Enrique Schadenberg is a Chilean composer and conductor from Valparaíso, Chile.

As a composer, he has presented works for individual instruments, duos, chamber groups, orchestra and electronics.
He is currently the principal conductor of the ensemble f(r)actura, and music producer at Sello Modular. Enrique holds a degree in Musical Arts and Sciences from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso, a Master's Degree in Composition Applied to Audiovisual and Scenic Media from the Conservatorio del Liceo, and is currently a student of the Master's Degree in Composition at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.


Constanza García
Constanza García is a flutist. In 2011, she entered the career of Musical Interpretation at the PUCV Music Institute, between 2009 and 2019 she has taken different lessons of latin aerophones, world flutes, Afro-Latin American percussion and several master classes with the renowned French flutist Pierre-Yves Artaud.

She has participated in several Flute festivals like “the III and IV Festival of Flutes of the World in Mendoza, Argentina”, “international festival Berlioz-Francia 2014 with the “Antara ensemble”, European Tours with Andean Orchestra in 2016, “Antara ensemble” England-France tour in 2016, Pulsar Award 2017 category best root music artist with the Andean orchestra, among others.


Francisco Palacios
Francisco Palacios is a Cellist with studies at the Catholic University of Valparaíso.

He has taken part of important musical proyects in Chile such as PUCV Chamber Orchestra, Regional Philharmonic
Orchestra, Rossini Quartet, Classical Quintet, Villalobos Cello Ensamble, University of Valparaíso Chamber Ensemble and ensamble f®actura. He has joined important music festivals such as Darwin Vargas Contemporary Music Festival, PUCV Contemporary Music Festival, University of Chile Contemporary Music Festival, PUC Sacred Music Festival, Frutillar Musical Weeks and Magallanes Musical Days.